Using Large List of Codes to Screen Respondents


I will be publishing a single survey to employees from hundreds (or more) of different organizations. Each organization will have a unique code. The first screener question in the survey will be for each respondent to enter their company’s unique code (one code per company). How can the tool be set-up to validate that the entered code is a valid company code before moving to the next question. Keep in mind, there could be hundreds (or more) of unique company codes. What’s the best way to handle this need?

steve.knapp answered

    Good idea. Thank you for the support — very much appreciated.


    FYI: I was also given this idea…

    For the company code, what you’ll want to do is use a Text box so that they can type in their own code, but to use an Auto Suggest box. You’ve probably seen these in forms before. As you type in each number it drops a list below of numbers that begin with what you’ve already written. The best about this is that after you copy/paste the autosuggest list, you can check a box to only allow numbers from that list. I think this is exactly what you are looking for. For more information on how to set it up, here is some documentation on it:

    steve.knapp answered

      I would use the Login/Password Action – this way survey will be using your master list to verify the codes.

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