How do I do a landing page to other surveys?


I need to do a landing page to two other surveys, one is for a mono printer survey another is for a color printer survey. The landing page survey has one question on it, if they answer with color they go to the color survey, and if they answer mono they go to the mono survey. Is that correct and how do I have them go to the survey when they answer with one of those questions? If they answer with anything other than those surveys they will be disqualified. Can I put that in there too?

Lola Gill answered
    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    It sounds like you are looking to redirect folks to either survey based on their initial answer. The URL Redirect action is probably what you are after:

    You would probably want to start with a one-question survey. You would add the URL Redirect Action to this survey.

    You would build one URL Redirect Action for each of the two surveys that you want to send people to. You would then use Question Logic to fire the relevant URL redirect based on the answer to your single question:

    Hope this helps you get started!

    Lola Gill answered


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