[Solved] Labels are gone on pie charts


In the past, when I viewed a pie chart on the reports page each segment of the pie chart would have a label pointing to it that also showed the percent.  This is also how the help page for pie charts shows them.

However, this morning when I pulled up the reports for my active surveys, instead of having labels for each segment of the pie chart, the actual chart is clean, and there is a key underneath the chart with the label for each color (but no percent value).  In order to see the percent value, you need to either hover the mouse over that segment, or look at the results table below.  

I don’t see any option to toggle this on and off…is it happening to anyone else?

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    I’m not seeing this issue on my reports and as far as I know, it is not an option you can turn off or on.  It is possibly a browser issue. I’m using Chrome.  If  you’re still having the issue, I would try logging out, clearing the cache on your browser and logging back in, or just try on a different computer and see if it is happening.  

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      Odd, it is now reverted back to its normal behavior without me doing anything to fix it…but wait.

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