[Solved] Label for multiple slider gets cut off.


The label for the multiple slider bar question type doesn’t line up with the bar and gets cut off.

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    Hi Education Team, thanks for posting to the Community, and for your great question!

    Most often, when I see visual defects in a survey’s theme (and especially in regards to Slider questions, for whatever reason), they are due to the survey using SurveyGizmo’s “old” theme designer.

    About one year ago, SurveyGizmo overhauled our theme system to be more compatible with newer browsers and mobile devices. Because these changes were so substantial, we didn’t just update our current theme system, but actually re-built it entirely. Since that time, our older theme designer has become deprecated, which means it is no longer maintained and will one day be removed from our software entirely.

    To resolve this display issue (and take advantage of the improved compatibility of the newer theme designer!), you’ll want to update your survey to use the newer theme designer. We’ve got a tutorial created to help with this exact situation, which you can find here:


    Thanks again, and I hope this information is helpful!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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