[Solved] Label Columns on Radio Button Grid — numerical and explanation of rating number



I’m a new “Pro” subscriber. 

I have a list of about 12 items that I’d like people to see all at once and rank each one according to importance.  I’d like to label each column 1-5 AND indicate in column 1 that 1 means “not important”, 3 means “somewhat important” and 5 means “very important”.  I have used the radio button grid but cannot create two lines of text (one for the number and one for the written description) above columns 1, 3 and 5.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you.

Abbysullivan answered

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    We use a simple HTML line break for these situations.  We enter the text for the first column as “1<br/>Not Important”, “3<br/>Somewhat Important”, and so on.

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      Thanks so much, Jim!

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