[Solved] [Known Issue] Word clouds not appearing in pdf exports of Standard Reports


We are working on fixing this one up ASAP!  There are no known workarounds at this point.  :(

James Vrac answered

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    Hi everybody,

    We’re happy to say we have word clouds available in PDF exports of Standard Reports now!

    If you have any further questions about this, please do reach out to us on support@surveygizmo.com to discuss.

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      I love the word cloud feature, but I’m finding that what displays in the report in-browser is quite different from what ends up in the pdf export. I’ve uploaded an image that compares the word clouds for the same report. The word cloud on the left is from the pdf export; the cloud on the right is the in-browser display (Chrome). (The numbering difference is because the pdf export includes the Responses summary at the very beginning in the count).

      Jon - The Survey Dude commented
        • Hey James!

          We are so sorry you are running into consistency issues with this feature. Please contact our support team with this issue, so we can investigate, and get it reported for a look by the Engineers!



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