[Solved] [Known Issue] When using a back slash (\) in an Open text answer option, we are removing the back slash, and it will not show up in your data.


There are no workarounds that we can find at this point, so we will work on getting this one fixed up ASAP!

burnettamy answered

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    Hey everyone, this should be all fixed up now! Let us know if you continue to experience problems with this.

    Patrick - Survey McDuck answered

      I’m having this problem today, the specific text was the answer to a question about where Windows stores local user profiles:

      C:\Program Files (x86)\<username>
      C:\Documents and Settings\<username>

      The type of survey is “quiz” – the question type is “radio”.  All of the backslashes are removed after hitting “save question”




      surveygizmo answered

        I am still experiencing this issue with backslashes being removed from textboxes upon export to CSV and Excel. They are not removed when I view responses in SurveyGizmo.

        burnettamy answered

          Hey all, as an update to this issue we discovered this is still affecting textbox list questions. Sorry about that, but we will update this thread when it’s been fixed.

          Patrick - Survey McDuck answered


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