[Known Issue] Total Time To Finish/Average Question Response Time Do Not Account for Multiple-Session Responses


Total Time to Finish and Average Question Response times available on the Data Quality tab of Individual responses do not account for multiple-session responses; this includes respondents who made use Save & Continue and Edit Links. In addition, the default Email Campaign link behavior is to allow respondents to return to the same response; if users make use of this option in an Email Campaign the Total Time to Finish and Average Question Response times


The calculation for Total Time to Finish simply subtracts the Time Started time from the Time Submitted displayed on the Details tab of each response. As such if respondents make use of the tools mentioned above the Total Time to Finish will be inflated as it includes the time not spent in the survey.

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Tim William answered

    This is an issue I am attempting to deal with. Is there a recommended work-around? I want to allow respondents to save and continue at their leisure, but I need to know response time accurately. Can I reliably measure response time for those who complete the survey in multiple sessions if I add a “Time spent on page” calculated field to each survey page or simply a “Time spent on survey” calculated field to the last page before the thank you page?

    I suppose the most direct way to learn what I need to know is to ask: What exactly is calculated with the time spent on page/survey fields and is this different from the normal way SG measures response time as the difference between start time and submit time?



    Tim William answered


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