[Solved] [Known Issue] Tally Quiz Highest Possible/Lowest Possible Averages in the builder are sometimes including questions that aren’t scored or deleted


Hi all,

This appears to be just a display issue, but you might see incorrect highest possible and lowest possible averages in your tally quiz score action. In particular in some cases deleted questions and questions that aren’t scored at all might affect the average.

In my testing if your actual scoring in the survey will better reflect reality.

Patrick - Survey McDuck asked

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    Hey Everyone,

    This display issue is all fixed up!

    If you are still seeing discrepancies, please let us know.

    Aura commented
      • I am using the quiz score action to average questions rated from a 1 to 5 exclusively. My highest possible average is 5 but the lowest possible is strangely .71875. I haven’t tested the survey to check if it’s calculating correctly yet. I did use a survey copied from another with lots of new/deleted questions. So not sure if this is still an issue!



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