[Solved] [Known Issue] SURVEY TAKING – File upload question does not allow XLSX or DOCX or PPT files to be uploaded


We are working on fixing this one up ASAP, there are no known workarounds at this point.  :(


Donata Taddia answered

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    Hey Everyone!

    Our Engineers worked hard and got this one fixed up!

    Please let our Support Heroes know if you are still running into issues.


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      Hello, I have the same problem. Cannot upload files when testing the survey. I tried to play around size and format, but unsuccessfully.

      Should I contact you  via chat?

      thank you in advance

      Admin - SurveyGizmo commented
        • Hi Donata,

          Thank you for your note – my apologies for the trouble with the File Upload!

          It is important to note that the File Upload question is not compatible via the survey Preview as well as via Test Mode:


          If you are testing the survey live and still encountering problems with uploading files to the question, I do suggest contacting our Support Heroes (via live chat or via email at support@sgizmo.com) as they will be able to troubleshoot your specific survey.

          I hope this helps!

          David Domagalski
          Survey Explorer & Documentation Specialist
          SurveyGizmo | http://surveygizmo.com


        I cannot upload any files either and am having the error message appear. Do you have any suggestions?

        Admin - SurveyGizmo commented
          • Hi Rachel,

            This is something our Support Heroes can look into. One item to note is that the file upload question does not work if Previewing the survey – you will want to make sure you are testing via the live link.

            If you are still having trouble, please reach out to our team via live chat or email and we can certainly look into this for you!

            Best regards,

            David Domagalski
            Survey Explorer & Documentation Specialist
            SurveyGizmo | http://surveygizmo.com


          i cannot upload any files, regardless of type when using this feature. How can I get around it?


          Leslie deRosse answered


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