[Solved] [Known Issue] Slider buttons not displaying in the right location if triggered by same-page logic, and if starting value is not the minimum


The first slider displayed by logic will display the slider button in the right place, but any slider after that, or if you hide and then show the same one again, the button will display at the far left even though it’s starting position should be in the center. The value is correct however, just the position of the button is incorrect.

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    Hey There,

    This issue is all fixed up by our amazing Engineers!

    Please let us know if there are still any issues you are running into.  :)

    Dan Miller commented
      • Hi Jon. I had the same problem. The sliders not displaying the correct starting value issues now seems to be fixed. However, the fix appears to have cuased a new issue.

        Originally I had my sliders set up so that once a participant would answer Q1, Q2 would display, once Q2 was answered Q3 would display and so on. However, since the fix after Q2 has been answered all the remaining sliders display at once.



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