[Solved] [Known Issue] Salesforce populate actions leading to Oh bother pages when survey taking


Hi all,

We just found an issue with Salesforce populate actions that will break the survey taking experience. We’re looking at the problem now. Stay tuned for updates.

Push actions do not seem to be affected, from what I’ve personally seen.

Patrick - Survey McDuck asked

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    This should be resolved going forward! It seems to have started around 11:37am Mountain Time and we resolved it at around 1:06pm Mountain time so we’re looking at about an hour and a half possibly that this would have been affecting surveys.

    Patrick - Survey McDuck answered

      We also discovered this as a huge problem just now for a survey that our prospective partners are very actively responding to today. Please let me know ASAP when this is resolved or any work-arounds you may recommend in the meantime. 

      Kayleigh RogersTorres192355 answered


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