[Solved] [Known Issue] Response Processing is a little backed up at the moment, new responses may not be showing up right away


Note:  Our Engineers are looking into this as we speak!  :)   We hope to have this resolved quickly.

warren answered

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    Hey There!

    This issue is completely resolved, and all responses have been pushed to your account for viewing!

    Please let us know if you are still seeing issues with your Responses not showing up in a timely manner.

    Jon - The Survey Dude answered

      we are flying blind and hoping we are not losing any captured data  

      warren answered

        Hi we are currently capturing around 600 responses a day from our office all was fine yesterday now today we can not see how many responses our team in office has captured please help… as soon as you can    

        warren answered

          Responses are coming in, but my report says:

          “Getting your responses This should only take a few seconds”. And:

          “loading…” for minutes, and next an empty report.

          How to repair??


          reinier answered

            Help, my customer has lost the answers to the survey questions that she completed yesterday and is very angry. Why didn’t the answers save?


            Joy Walko145716 answered

              Hey Everyone!

              Responses are catching up and should start making their way into the Responses Panel soon (if they aren’t there for you already…).

              We will post another update once Response Processing is completely caught up!

              Thanks for your patience.

              Jon - The Survey Dude answered


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