[Solved] [Known Issue] Open text responses are being HTML-encoded, affecting special and foreign characters like (&, , ‘, “)


Hi all,

We are currently seeing issues with open text responses containing special characters that you may see affecting things like login actions (if your passwords contain special characters), merge codes, Excel exports, etc.

Stay tuned for updates!


Patrick - Survey McDuck asked

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    Hey Everyone,

    We are taking another look at this one, sorry for the false alarm!  

    Thanks again for your patience while we get this one resolved.

    Jon - The Survey Dude answered
      • Hey Again!
        We finally have this issue resolved in standard Textbox questions. We are still seeing issues with Textbox List questions and Textbox questions within Custom Tables. We will update this post when that is taken care of as well!

        Thanks again, we realize this was a huge inconvenience and are making steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again. :)



      Hi, thanks for the update – we are still seeing this html encoded issue as of 10 am Pacific time 11/4, with Salesforce and Google spreadsheet integration. We were not experiencing it prior to this week.

      Michael Tarr328804 answered

        Hey all,

        Our Engineers fixed this one up quickly.  :)

        Please let us know if there are still issues.

        Jon - The Survey Dude answered
          • Looks like single quotes in open text fields are now “breaking” the HTTP Connect Action, i.e. if one of the fields being passed in a HTTP Connect Action contains a response with single quotes, then the action won’t fire.

          • The open text responses in my send email actions still contain the html codes rather than apostrophes (') and quotes (")

          • Hey guys,
            Our Engineers are currently working away on this one, we hope to have an update soon! Thanks for letting us know right away. :)



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