[Solved] [Known Issue] In Offline Mode, if the last page in your survey before the Thank You page is controlled by Page Logic, and the response skips that last page, the response will be marked as Partial instead of Complete


Workaround: Put a page right before your Thank You page that is not controlled by page logic.  You could ask an additional follow up question here, or put in a Text/Instruction Element if needed.

Additionally, you could also move the page controlled by page logic up in your survey so it’s not the last page if this is more practical for your survey build.

We will work on fixing this up, so these should just be temporary workarounds!  :)

Jon - The Survey Dude asked

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    Hey There,

    This issue is all fixed up!

    Please let us know if you are still having problems.

    Jon - The Survey Dude answered


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