[Solved] [Known Issue] Importing data to match response ID can revert reporting values on the responses if the reporting values were ever changed


There’s a possibility when importing data to match on response ID that, if you changed reporting values for a question, those reporting values will revert in the responses that were imported so that they show the old reporting values.

Watch this space for any updates!

Patrick - Survey McDuck asked

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    Hey everyone,

    Our engineering team has been looking at this issue and has decided not to fix it for now due to the complexity of it. We will address it if we hear more reports of the problem.

    In the meantime we have a couple of workarounds:

    1. Resave your reporting values after the data import.
    2. Make sure you import all questions. In my testing the reporting values will revert only if the question was not imported. If the question was imported the reporting values should stick.

    Hope that helps but please let us know if you are also running into this problem so we can escalate it as needed!


    Patrick - Survey McDuck answered


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