[Solved] [Known Issue] If you use a Merge Code for your PDF title in an Email Action and you are pulling in data with a slash or colon with the Merge Code, we are URL encoding the slash and colon.


So, if you are pulling data into the PDF title via merge code from an Option like this – Value: a/b/c, it will show up in the e-mail as Value%3Aa%2Fb%2Fc.

We are working on getting this corrected so the title will display correctly from a merge code!

Jon - The Survey Dude asked

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    Hey Everybody,

    This issue is all fixed up!

    We will now be stripping the following characters from Send EMail Action and Review Action PDFs Titles: “,*,:,?,\t (tab character), |, <, >

    Let us know if you are still seeing issues!  :)

    Jon - The Survey Dude answered


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