[Solved] [Known Issue] If you have Comments turned on for your questions, our new Standard Reports and Segmentation Reports will display a blank report when downloaded to PDF


Hi There,

We are working on fixing this up as soon as we can, we are so sorry for the inconvenience!


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    Hey Guys,

    This one is all fixed up!  Please let us know if you are still running into issues.  :)

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    Jon - The Survey Dude commented
      • What does that mean….if I have comments turned on my entire report will be blank in Power Point? Do I have to delete all of my comment boxes for each individual question to get all of my questions and data todownload? Sorry, I do not understand how to solve this issue. My Power Point download of my report is totally blank.

      • Hey there,

        We are so sorry you are running into issues. This issue you are commenting on was a specific issue to PDF downloads of your reports, which is now all fixed up. Please start a ticket with our Support Team so we can take a look at your issue with Power Point downloads.



      On a related issue, I have deleted a heap of responses from a survey but they are not deleting in the new standard report. It’s working in the legacy summary at the moment so I’ll make do with that, but just thought I’d let you know.



      Jon - The Survey Dude commented
        • Hey Felicity,

          Are you still seeing this issue with your Standard Report? We had some issues with indexing that we fixed up that we hope corrected this for you. But, if you are still running into this, please let us know through an email ticket or a chat with our Support Heroes!



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