[Solved] [Known Issue] If you have a send email action with an attached PDF being sent to respondents, it will pull a translated question title but the answer options pull from the default language

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Hey Everyone!

This issue is all patched up by the SG Engineers!  PDF’s will now display answer options in the language they see the survey in.

Jon - The Survey Dude answered

    **Update from SurveyGizmo**
    This is all fixed up for the initial e-mail sent.  However, if you re-fire this action, the PDF that is received will show in the default language instead of the language the respondent took the survey in.

    Our engineers will be fixing this additional issue up shortly, thanks for your patience!  :)

    Jon - The Survey Dude answered


      Re-fired e-mails are fixed up as well by our Engineers.

      You shouldn’t see any more issues involving PDF’s and Send Email messages and default language, but if so, please let us now!

      Jon - The Survey Dude answered


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