[Solved] [Known Issue] HTML in Page Descriptions or Page Titles causes your Offline Link download to whitescreen

  • Workaround:  For now, remove the HTML from those areas, we are working on a long-term fix for this issue!
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    Hey Everyone,

    Our Engineers have fixed this up, so you shouldn’t be running into these issues once a new offline link is created!

    Please let us know if you are still running into whitescreens with your offline links!  :)


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      I’m having the same issue and don’t see any of those tags in any question, page description or title!

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        • Hey Aimee,

          I apologize for my delayed reply and that you are running into similar issues. Are you still seeing whitescreens in your offline link after a new link is created?

          If so, please contact our support team and we will get this looked at for you! :)


        What do you mean by “remove the html from those areas…”?

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          • Hey Adelina,
            HTML is a language that changes your formatting in your text in our surveys. You are usually most likely using our Text Editor to make these changes, and not hard-coding in HTML. Check out this link – http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ it will show you what HTML tags look like and see if you have any of these in your page descriptions or titles. If you do, and you would like to run an Offline survey, remove anything that looks like the HTML tags in the document above before and after the text. I hope this helps, if you still need assistance, it’s probably best to contact our support team! :)



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