[Solved] [Known Issue] Editing a response while in offline mode and one at a time interaction can produce interaction problems


We’re not sure yet if this will happen on any page with multiple questions, but w’eve replicated the behavior with a one-page survey.

Using offline mode with one at a time interaction, if you edit the response from the main offline page after the first question you will jump the rest of the questions on the page and go straight to the thank you page. If it does happen on any page I suspect it will just jump you to the next page, effectively just skipping any questions on the page after the first.

You can upload the responses and edit in the app just fine, however.

Stay tuned for updates!

Patrick - Survey McDuck asked

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    Hi all,

    This should be fixed now. Let us know if you continue to run into any problems!

    Patrick - Survey McDuck answered


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