[Solved] [Known Issue] Answer options with ampersands (&) are displaying HTML entities in exports (&)


Hey all,

You’ll only see this problem in exports (reports, individual responses, and the builder are fine). Instead of the & in the answer option you will instead see the HTML-encoded ampersand, such as M&M or The Adventures of Pete & Pete.

Open text responses are fine, this problem is exclusive to answer options.


Patrick - Survey McDuck asked

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    Hey guys, I think this issue should be fixed now. Let us know if you see any problems!

    Patrick - Survey McDuck answered
      • Hi! I am still seeing this problem. It also happens with quotation marks and apostrophes.

      • Hi Trudy, one thing I’ve found since we updated this issue is that sometimes this will still affect your answer options until you resave the question’s answer options. And if that doesn’t work then changing the reporting value, saving, and then changing it back to what it should be should get those reporting values updated and fix them in the exports.

        Give that a try and if no luck we’ll open up a ticket to explore what’s happening in your example.



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