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We are looking for a Knowledge Management system to easily share our survey data. Essentially, we would like to create a repository where past surveys could be viewed and searched by stakeholders in our company. Does SurveyGizmo have any recommended integrations? Has anyone done this in the past? We are looking to avoid integration with Customer Support software, which seems to be the most common answer I’ve found. 

Marybeth answered

    If you are still looking for a KM tool that integrates with SurveyGizmo, feel free to reach out to or book a call with us below (I’m with KO). We are happy to help if we can:

    We focus on the knowledge management aspect of things (we aren’t a help desk) and we do have customers who’ve integrated us with SG. You can embed your surveys and reports into the tool to allow stakeholders to browse and search them, and you can also pass individual survey results into KO:

    Hope that helps!



    Marybeth answered

      It might be worth exploring SurveyGizmo’s integrations content here:

      I’m not sure if Salesforce would meet your criteria for Knowledge Management System, but SurveyGizmo does have an integration with Salesforce:

      Hope this helps!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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