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I am building a simple survey but I am facing a technical question :

The only way we control the respondent identity is through a unique ID that was given to them prior to the survey.

They input this number in a text box and I would like to validate if their answer is at least in the possible range.

If it’s not, then the survey should return an error message.

It has range [0000] to [0999] then [3000] to [3999] then [4000] to [4999] then  finally [6000] to [6999].

I would use regex but I don’t know if then engine accept conditional formulas.

I also took a look at Java (never used it before) and maybe that what I need:



Can someone help here?


Many thanks,



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    RegEx is really the best way to go here.

    I think a pattern that works for you would be:



    An explanation of the pattern is:

    ^  = the string starts here, no preceding characters allowed

    (0|3|4|6)  = a character that is either 0, 3, 4, or 6

    \d  = a numeric digit

    {3} = need exactly three of the preceding (in this case, need exactly 3 numeric digits)

    $ = the string ends here, no following characters allowed.


    IS answered


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