Issue with quiz result action pass/fail


Has anyone else noticed recently if their Quiz Score Action pass/fail hasn’t been working properly? I have a quiz that is 10 questions long and you need to answer 8 correctly to pass. Everything is set up correctly and was working properly up until recently (no changes on my end). But now I’m receiving emails from quiz-takers saying they answered 9 out of 70 (!! where 70 came from I do not know) correctly and that they’ve failed when they should have passed. (I was using merge codes for the number of correctly answered questions, total questions, and score – see screenshot.)

I had to change this particular project over to a tally format, which works now, but I have a LOT of quizzes that I assume are affected by this problem with pass/fail.

Joshua Kalte answered

    Hiya Amanda!


    The root of the issue is the Quiz Score Action is taking account of all question including disabled and deleted ones. SurveyGizmo is aware of this and are in the process of correcting it now. If you still want to use the Pass/Fail option just make sure to enable the “Score only questions that have been displayed to the respondent” and that should help!

    Amanda Pelliccione commented


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