Why isn’t my desktop survey form changes adapted for tablet/mobile?


I have added emoticons and indicated colour for selected answers, but they do not show up on tablet/mobile even though the CSS scripts are there. Can you advise?

I also want to the adjust line spacing and colour the next question under the same header question. Otherwise it’s very hard to read on mobile.

Jacob H (Moderator) answered


    For you first question, without knowing the certainties to your CSS script the only thing I can point out is when you make a CSS call to one of the elements on the desktop site, the same class/id may be a different name for the tablet/mobile layout. The only thing I can recommend is making sure you are still targeting the same elements for mobile view. 

    For the second question you just need to add more padding to those questions options. Are you familiar with how to obtain the class/id for each element.

    If not, I use Google Chrome Inspector to assist in finding these.

    Here is some documentation that will show you how to obtain the class/id so you can customize the css:


    Let me know if this helps, if not try to provide as much information as possible and I will continue to help you with it.

    Jacob H (Moderator) answered


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