[Solved] Is there any way to track the changes/edits made to my survey?


I have a survey that I thought was completely built before I launched it. When we sent out the link, respondents noticed that one of the questions had no choices for the likert scale. I’m positive I entered them in the build environment. I’m trying to see if they got deleted by accident by either myself or another member of my team. Is there anyway to track the edits done to any particular survey?


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Robin Rouse asked

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    I have never seen any kind of change tracking capability on any of the survey tools we have used, including SurveyGizmo.

    On major survey projects, we do a simple form of version control.  We use the SURVEY LEGEND function to export copies of the survey at various points in the development and testing phase and store them in a network folder.

    And we also usually appoint one person as the ‘owner’ of the project.  They have sole responsibility for building and editing the survey.  Any changes or revisions to the survey have to be made by the ‘owner’, unless there is some drastic need (and it would take a major screwup for that to happen) or the change is very minor (correct a typo).

    I would like to say that we developed these processes as a matter of planning and forethought, but the fact is we learned through bitter experience. Good luck.

    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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