[Solved] Is there a way to tag over-quota respondents differently than disqualify?


There is a big difference between people who get blocked because a quota is full verses people who don’t qualify for the study at all.  Is there a way to tag them differently? Currently they are both tagged as Disqualify.

One of the useful purpose would be if I want to increase a quota and recontact people who were originally screened out because the quota was full.


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    Hi Steve!

    SurveyGizmo does not have a way to flag “over quota” respondents differently than “non-qualified” respondents, I am sorry to say. One possible solution you could use, in such a situation, would be to create a filtered Export of your data.

    In this export, you would filter to only include responses with the status of Disqualified, and then set up the inverse of your “qualification” logic as a filter. What I mean by “qualification” logic is, the logic that determined if a respondent qualified for your study.

    As an example, let’s say you disqualified anyone not from New York, OR who is under 18 years old. The filter you set up in the export would be something like, “location must be: New York” AND “age must be greater than: 18”. Along with filtering to only include the Disqualified respondents, this will give you all of the respondents who did qualify to take your survey, but were not able to (disqualified due to quota).

    I hope this helps!

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