[Solved] Is there a way to tag or otherwise categorize questions (NOT responses)?


Is there a way to categorize, associate or tag sets of questions belonging to the same group, but that are not all asked in the same place in a survey?

I am developing a survey with questions from multiple sources mixed together in a random order: I would like the administrator to be quickly able to view all questions and related responses from a specific source when analyzing the results. I looked for an option to tag specific questions (as Source A, B, C etc) but there is no way to do that: It looks like tagging individual responses is the only option. 

Insights appreciated!

Ankita Gandhi asked

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    Hi Ankita,


    Unfortunately it seems SurveyGizmo currently only lets you tag open text questions individually. You might want to request that as a feature.

    DataNerd1507 answered


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