[Solved] Is there a way to summarize the results of questions for respondents?


Hi, In my survey we are performing an assessment of skills where respondents rank themselves 0-4 on say 1-6 skills in a subset. We’d like to email back the average of each of these subsets to them, is there a way that the questions can auto summarize the results? I think this is very similar to the results chart option. 

For example: 

How good are you at eating ice cream? 

Vanilla 1

Chocolate 2

Strawberry 2

Neapolitan 0

I want the next question to have the average of these=2


Tanya Lalwani asked

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    I believe you could just use a quiz score action for this. Quiz score actions allow you to assign values to answers and then select to add or average the total. Here’s a link to the document I found: 


    Noel Black answered

      Thanks! that works!

      Tanya Lalwani answered


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