Is there a way to notify a user that they have already filled out a survey?


When sending out a survey, is there a way to notify which respondents have already filled out that survey in the past? Additionally, is there a way to remind them of their survey submission and give them the option to edit or change their answers?

Dominic Sharpe answered

    This will all probably depend on how you intend to send out the survey. SurveyGizmo’s Email Campaign feature allows you to upload a list of contacts to send your survey to.

    Each contact on the list receives a one-time-use unique link and once they complete the survey they are not eligible to receive the link again from the same campaign – so perhaps this would eliminate the need to notify respondents that already filled out the survey?

    Here is SurveyGizmo’s documentation on the feature:

    In terms of reminding respondents of their submission, you could use a Send Email Action at the end of the survey and provide your respondents with an edit link. The edit link will allow them to re-enter their response and update if needed.

    Hope this gives you some options!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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