[Solved] Is there a way to include “additional instructional text” is in its own textbox next survey answers?


Is there a way to place additional instructions to how respondents can/should answer survey question in a textbox that can be shaded under/next to the survey question? The way it looks now is there are a few sentences (which can be formatted to desired font size and color, but may is not so aesthetically pleasing.

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    Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, there are a couple of different ways you can add additional instructions.

    To add additional instructions for a specific question, there’s an “Additional Instructional Text” option on the Layout tab for the question. Depending on how your SurveyGizmo admin interface looks, you might also be able to format this to your own tastes by typing in the Additional Instructions with HTML formatting (I’m able to input HTML, but others on my team are mostly limited to SurveyGizmo’s format options).

    If you want to style these additional instructions beyond what the basic editor can handle, then you can do so using your own CSS, which you would apply on the Style tab for the survey.

    If your instructions apply to more than one question on the page, or if you’d like to display general instructions, you can use the “Page Description” option for the page. Just keep in mind that, the last I know of, you should only use Page Description on pages where at least one question on the page will always be visible to the user; otherwise, users may end up seeing a page with a page title, description and “Next” button, but with no actual questions to answer.

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