[Solved] Is there a way to hide an embedded survey from the website once it’s been completed by respondent?


I have a survey embedded on a website. Users who visit the website more than once continue to have this survey pop up even after they’ve completed the survey a previous time. Is there a way to prevent the survey from appearing every time? Any way the survey can identify if it’s been completed on a computer once already and stay marked as completed?

I prefer not to block duplicates by IP address but maybe by cookies would work better?

Kelly Kyle asked

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    Hey Kelly,


    You should be able to prevent users from responding to your survey using cookie protection. This doc should help with that:




    This won’t prevent the prompt to take the survey, but it will prevent the user from being able to take the survey for a second time.


    I hope this is helpful to you!



    Cliff McGrupp answered


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