[Solved] Is there a way to bulk edit aliases?


Is there a way to bulk edit aliases?

I am going to export my data to Stata which does not allow a variable to start with a number so I can’t use the ID or question number options. I have a number of “check all that apply” questions that create long strings (e.g., verylongresponseoption:questiontext). I would like to use aliases or some other method to have variable names look something like this when I export to csv responseoptionalias:questionalias. Thanks!

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    I have never seen any way to bulk edit reporting values (aliases).  And a quick scan of the documentation did not turn up any results. Unfortunately the only option is to manually revise the reporting values for each questions.  You can review the SurveyGizmo documentation for details:



    All of us SurveyGizmo users utilize reporting values very differently, and the reporting values are used to support other functions (like charts in reporting), so it is probably better that we retain hands-on control over them.

    We have had a couple of similar learning experiences. They cost us some time and aggravation, but we also became better at our jobs. Good luck!

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