Is there a way to add a title for the row header column in a radio button grid?


Obvoiusly every column in a radio button grid naturally has a name which appears at the top of the table. Likewise every row has a title which appears in the first column of the grid. Is there a way to add text to the very top of the row header “column”.

TLDR; how do you add text to the blank square in the top left hand corner of the radio button grid question table.

Jim W (Moderator) answered

    There is no built-in functionality available to users that gives access to this table cell (the underlying structure for a grid-type question is an HTML table).

    I used the INSPECT tool in my browser to review the HTML code for a radio-button grid question and found that SurveyGizmo had placed a copy of the question text in that cell.  The text was tagged with a CSS class – sg-access-helper – so I am assuming that the question text is in the first cell to aid visually impaired respondents  navigate the table.

    If you want to pursue this further you should contact SurveyGizmo Support.  Good luck!


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