[Solved] Is there a way of combing the results of numerous surveys into one report?


we run courses, that have many programmes attached, the feedback is set up on programme by programme basis i.e. Shell Life stage 3 feedback.  Is there any way that I can export all of the programme data into one file please?

Julie Regan asked

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    Hi Julie,

    I’m not entirely sure if this feature exists still or not: http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/combined-summary-report

    You may have to reach out to the support team to see if they can still add the feature or not.

    This used to combine identical surveys into one report.  I used it a long time ago.  If you are trying to combine the raw data though you may have to do that manually in excel.


    Hope this helps!



    Charles McGroben answered


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