[Solved] Is there a possible bug with survey responding right now?


Hi! Checking on results from my follow-up survey after sending out a reminder email. I have gotten a disproportionately high number of “partial” responses, all yesterday (23 September). I’m wondering if there is a reason why the responses are only partials, or if all of the most recent participants really did just quit the survey. Thanks.

sarahmccreight354437 asked

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    I personally haven’t had any issues with responses. One thing that might help is a Fall Off Report. You’ll be able to see where the respondents are leaving. If there is a trend, I’d recommend taking your survey as a survey taker would and seeing if anything odd happens for you.

    Hope that is helpful to you!

    Lizzy Tekkel answered
      • Yes, I did the fall off report, and nothing seemed off. I also took a test run as you suggested. I guess everyone who attempted it in the last 24 hours just bailed early for some reason (and not the same reason). 🙁



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