[Solved] Is it possible to set slider max value from a merge code?


We have a question that asks how many, and takes a numeric response. Is there a way to use a merge code to set the allowed values of a slider in a later question?

Thanks, CB

Wendy Ryan asked

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    Hey There –

    Thanks for the question! I was able to verify this with our engineers and, unfortunately, there really isn’t a way to use a merge code in that field. If it WAS possible, it would make your data incredibly incoherent. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Justin - Technical Zen Master answered

      Okay. Thanks for checking and letting me know that it is not possible. I was hoping to be able to control answers to always be equal to, or smaller than the answer provided in the previous related question. 

      Would it be possible to do this in another format, such as a text box set to ‘number’, and then control the upper limit to be equal to the value of the merge code?  Thanks again. 


      Wendy Ryan answered


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