[Solved] Is it possible to send a thank you email to all survey contacts not just those that responded?


Our company sends a regular survey to all our channel partners. I’d like to send an email to all contacts from the survey giving them an update on survey results and how we’re addressing their feedback. I was trying to set up a thank you message but this goes only to those who responded. I’d like to send the email to all contacts in the hopes that this might encourage them to respond to the next survey.

I tried to set up a new email campaign but it doesn’t seem possible to send email without a survey link – and the survey is now closed.

Any suggestions?

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    Unfortunately you have already outlined the main limitations here.

    SurveyGizmo Thank You messages are designed to be sent to only contacts with a Completed status for their survey, whereas Initial Invite messages in SurveyGizmo must contain a survey link.

    SurveyGizmo email campaigns are designed with survey distribution in mind and as such contain these limitations.

    You may need to use an external email tool to distribute a Thank You to all contacts in your campaign, regardless of status.

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