Is it possible to send a reminder to someone who is not the original survey recipient?


I can’t see that there is a simple solution to this, but in case anyone has any suggestions…

I would like to send an email reminder to someone who is not the recipient of the original survey invitation i.e. the invitation goes to an employee, if they have not submitted a response after ‘x’ days I want to send a reminder/notification to their manager (whose email address is held in a contact field).

There is no option within the email campaign reminder email to change the recipient or cc the email to anyone.

Email actions require a response to trigger them – in this case I want to alert to non-response/non-completion so I can’t see a way to utilise an email action effectively for non responses.  

I have tried setting a delayed email action to alert to partial responses (i.e. based on submission of first page of survey), but this will not work as (assuming the action is triggered) it sends the email for all respondents, both partial and complete, I guess because the action runs the moment the respondent submits the page (and obviously the action is never triggered for non responses).

It would be great if reminders in email campaigns could be ccd / sent to other email addresses.  Perhaps this could be considered for development?  

Other useful functionality might be an option to prevent delayed email actions from sending if the survey status has changed to complete during the delay period (not sure how plausible that is though given the action has basically already run).

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions which might help that would be appreciated!  Thanks.

Katie asked

    Hello Katie,

    To the best of my knowledge, your assessment is correct: SurveyGizmo’s email features sadly do not accommodate the behavior you are looking for.

    The best solution I can imagine would be similar to the workflow described in this tutorial:

    Instead of sending all of your messages this way, you would filter the list and only include the respondents who have not yet completed their survey. A second change would be to send the reminder email to their manager, instead of the original recipient. Everything else in that tutorial should apply.

    MailChimp is used as an example Email Service Provider, but the same concepts should apply for any Email Service Provider that has a “mail merge” type feature. If the Email Service Provider that you work with does not have this functionality, you would need to manually send each reminder email individually, copying in the correct unique link for each contact you are sending the reminder message for.

    Thank you for your suggestions, and I hope the above information is helpful for you!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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