[Solved] Is it possible to replace an entire survey with a different survey while keeping the old URL?!


Hi have been working on updating a very long survey and was just given a bitly link someone created however the link they used to create the link is from an old survey. All the work I have been doing is in the new survey and new link. The bitly link they created is already being used and is in a professional video so if there is any way to avoid having to change the video the better. 

Is there a way to take one survey and import everything from it (all copy, questions, reports, exports, email actions, etc.) into an already existing survey and replace what is in that one with the new one? it is imperative that the link stay the same as the old survey. 

Any help would be much appreciated. I am hoping you can work some magic!


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    Thanks for the post! The first thought that comes to mind is setting up a URL redirect in the old survey that takes the respondent to your new survey. Do you think that would work? This wouldn’t pull any data from the old survey into the new one, but it will keep your link as well as be an easy workaround;)

    Here is a link to our URL redirect documentation: URL Redirect

    Hope this helps:)


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