[Solved] Is it possible to populate Username from URL variable for Login Action?


For Login/Password Action – on More / Display page there is a field “Pre-populate Password” – which can be used to pre-populate password field using a URL variable. Is there a way to pre-populate Username. 

I want to send emails with Username and Password both embedded as URL variables – so that when user clicks on the link the form will come filled up with both Username and Password and user will just have to click Next to log-in. Since we will be using credentials only once – this will not cause any other issues. 

Is this possible? 


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    There is not an option inside of the Login Actin to pre-populate the Username field. You could maybe get creative with it though and create two text questions (populate one with the username and the other with the password).

    You could then pre-populate your login action password with the second text question (and hide it) to login your respondents.

    This seems like it might not be worth all the trouble but perhaps something you might want to look into.

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