[Solved] Is it possible to pipe answers that the survey taker entered in a textbox (for example, names, types, etc.)?


Good day SurveyGizmo Support Team,

This is Inah Neyb, working with Marc Goldring and I would like to ask about piping/repeat logic. I was looking for a code that could transfer “names” entered by the survey taker instead of values in a certain question. And possibly, ‘pipe’ that answer from one question to another? I have read about piping/repeat that the compatible questions can be Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Dropdown Menu and Rating. I would just like to make sure I am not missing out anything.


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    I thought I would reach out to answer your question here, as I haven’t seen a record of you getting in contact with our Support team.  For future reference, this Community area is to discuss with other SurveyGizmo users rather than the SurveyGizmo Support Team.

    What it sounds like you are after is a “merge code” that shows you the answer a person taking your survey answered.  Here’s how they work:


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