[Solved] Is it possible to have a specific uploaded rotation each respondent will go through?


I would like to run a survey where each respondent has a preassigned ID that they will enter in the beginning.

Each respondent will see several concepts and answer several questions about that concept.  The concepts each respondent sees is predetermined and uploaded in advanced.

The uploaded file would look something like the attached 

Let’s say you are user #3:

  1. Enter in the user #
  2. you are shown concept 302 and asked 10 questions about it
  3. then you are shown concept 303 and asked 8 questions about it
  4. then you are shown concept 301 and asked 10 questions about it
  5. … this continues until you have seen all of the 7 concepts (in this example) and then you would continue to the next section of the survey


iansamis asked

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    So one crazy idea I can think of that would involve a lot of custom scripting/javascript would be to have each concept on a different page. Then you would have a javascript action at the beginning of each page that analyzes which user id is coming into the survey and it customizes that pages submit button to that them to a custom section. 

    Again, this is a crazy idea and could take a good amount of coding, but once you get the concept down for the first page it would be easy to duplicate.

    My other idea, which is less custom script/ more built in functions, would be to have 7 pages. On each page you would have all 7 different set of concept questions. Then you would set the question logic to display based off the user id, which you could pull in using a url variable, to display a specific concept.

    This idea is more labor intensive on the build side and more difficult to maintain as you would have 49 different sections of concepts (7 pages with 7 concepts).

    The first way is more ideal for upkeep and reporting but requires a higher level of skillset to pull it off.

    Jacob Hayslett answered


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