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I am making a “How do you feel today”-survey for our employees, and i was wondering, is it possible to get a satisfaction meter as a result. There is a picture linked.

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Satu Vauhkonen

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    Hi Satu,

    SurveyGizmo does not have a built in feature that would output your data in the same way as you have shown. There is a Results Chart feature to display data from a specific question to the respondent:


    It’s probably not exactly what you are looking for. To get something that looks like the image that you have attached would likely require a fair amount of customization, likely via Javascript.

    Perhaps someone else on the community has some suggestions…

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      I am with Satu.  It would be nice to have more reporting options.  Having dashboard capabilities would be great as well.  I have been searching for months trying to find a good third party reporting/dashboard tool.  There are some good ones, but they get expensive fast as you start adding licenses. 

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