[Solved] Is it possible to get the results individually via check box questions?


Hi There,

Whe have 3 types of customer segmentations. Is it possible to get their answers indivually? The question is asked via check box type to the customers.


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    Hi Gamze,

    You can create a filtered data export.

    1. Navigate to the “Results” tab then select “Export”
    2. “New Export”, “CSV Excel” ->“Create Export”
    3. Give your export a title.  

    1. Move from the “General” to the “Filter” tab. At the bottom of the page set your logic. “Select Condition” is where you can choose your question (select your checkbox question that pertains to customer segmentation). Next, flip the center block to “ is answered one of the following” . Lastly, in the third box, specify the customer segment you are looking to filter by.

    1. Save your report and download your export. Same process to create exports for your other two customer segments.


    For more information on how to create data exports: http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/excel-export



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