[Solved] Is it possible to generate a unique ‘completion’ code at the end of a survey?


I would like to have my survey completed via Amazon Mechanical Turk. So that workers can be compensated for completing the survey, they need to enter a UNIQUE code on Amazon Turk, that’s only shown to them once they’ve completed my survey.

Does SurveyGizmo have a feature that would enable this? I could use mergeCode to present the sessionID at the end, however it’s so long that it’s not ideal. Suggestions?


Michelle Riconscente asked

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    Hi Michelle, thanks for posting to Community!

    One possible solution I have seen used with success is the “counter” merge code. This merge code will increment each time the survey is taken, displaying a different/unique number to each respondent. A “startat” parameter may also be specified if you like, so instead of starting at 0, your counter may start at 10000 (if you wanted 5 digit numbers, for example).

    A more advanced solution that builds on top of this is to combine it with a Login/Password action, using the counter merge code as the “default password” for your Login action. Pre-population can then be used to pull in your own, pre-generated unique codes. This adds a bit of complexity, but also allows you to specify any unique codes you wish.

    You can read more about both solutions in this great tutorial:


    I hope this helps!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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