[Solved] Is it possible to center the text in a footer?


I’ve seen how to center an image footer, but I’d like to use just text and have it centered.  Is there a way to do this?  Thank you.

Donna asked

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    Two things are possibly going wrong:
    1. try div instead of p :

    2. in your style custom html make sure you have a “sg-footer” div class

    Katrina Lambert answered

      The footer text will accept HTML coding, so something like this should work:

      <p align=”center”>Your footer text here.</p>

      Jim Wetherill answered
        Donna 113 Rep.

        Thanks, Jim – I must have missed something because it didn’t show up.  I copied your HTML line into the Tools > Text & Translations> English>Messages>Footer Text field.  I did click “Save”.  Any thoughts?


        Donna answered

          Hi Donna, 

          What Jim has suggested will work – but just a word of warning learned the hard way, watch the colour of your text. Generally speaking the footer text will appear over normal background colour on desktop and over your accent colour when viewed on a mobile device. Depending on you respective colours it might not show up on one or the other without intervention. 

          I generally use grey text to avoid this problem:

          <p align=”center” style=”font-size:10px; color:#777777;”>Footer text here</p>

          Katrina Lambert answered
            • Thanks, Katrina – I must have missed something because it didn’t show up. And thanks for your comments re: the color changing. I copied your HTML line into the Tools > Text & Translations> English>Messages>Footer Text field. I did click “Save”. Any thoughts? I may end up just making an image to use in the footer so it can appear on any device.



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