[Solved] Is it possible for more than one person to fill in a survey at different times & places


Hi, We are interested in using Survey Gizmo to create our Employee Appraisal forms.

However, to so this we would need to allow employees to fill in part of the survey, then submit the survey to be picked up by their manager who could complete it.

This may take place over several days – and possibly in different locations.

It it possible to do this with SurveyGizmo?

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    Hi Steven,

    I am actually working on a system for my work that involves something very similar to this. The way I am going about it is by using multiple terminal pages, that do not set the survey to complete, that have an email action to send the next respondent a reference to the SGUID to edit previous filled in responses.

    Without writing out a 15 page tutorial on how to do it I would recommend you read the following documents to understand what I am using to get the job done:



    Again, this solution can be complex and need to leverage the SG Custom Scripting.

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