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Dear all,

We’d like to start a survey – but some of the targeted participants only have mobile phone numbers, no e-mail addresses. Those use a lot WhatsApp. To “pick them up, where they are” we’d like to

1.) invite them via WhatsApp

2.) give them the possibility, to answer the quesntionary questions via whatsApp.

Any idea?

Many thanks in advance


surveygizmo answered

    You can reach out to people using Whatsapp by sending them a message that contains the share link for the survey. You can find the share link by navigating to share tab and grabbing the url.

    For more on share links visit:

    The key to building your survey for your whatsapp audience is to make it as mobile friendly as possible. Here is an article about best practices to get you on your way:

    Good Luck! 

    Mary L (Moderator) answered

      Hello Mary,

      thank you very much. So, There is no way of integrating it into these WhatsApp-Mini-Surveys, which seem to exist?

      Best + thanks,


      surveygizmo answered


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